Protecting Your Rights in Dire Situations

Homicide and White Collar Crime Defense Attorney in Birmingham, AL

John C. Robbins, Attorney at Law provides criminal defense in Birmingham for serious charges. An experienced lawyer can provide trustworthy defense for charges of this nature. Learn more about each type of case below, and what you should do if you’ve been charged.

Homicide defense

If you are involved with a criminal homicide case, you need a lawyer that is undeniably experienced in the law. You need and deserve legal defense that will prove your side of the situation. John C. Robbins will work hard to convey your case to the courtroom. He will absorb your testimony, gather all the details of your case and work hard to protect your rights. If you are in need of homicide defense in Birmingham, choose John C. Robbins to assist you.

White collar crime

Business crimes involving fraud, scams, or theft can lead to complex legal matters. If you have been suspected of a white collar crime in Birmingham, you could be looking at large fines and a significant jail sentence.

To protect your rights, you should contact an experienced attorney right from the get-go. John C. Robbins has nearly three decades of criminal defense experience. He can apply his knowledge to help you in the courtroom. He will look at all the details of your case, and help you avoid any mistakes that could make the situation worse.

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