Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Charged With Domestic Violence? Know What’s at Stake.

Find out with the help of an experienced Birmingham attorney.

Whether you’re guilty or you have been charged with a violent crime you didn’t commit, you need to protect yourself. John C. Robbins, Attorney at Law can represent you with any criminal or domestic violence charges you may be facing. Our experienced team will ensure that you know what you stand to lose before you go to court. Your custody rights, job prospects and reputation could take a major hit if you’re convicted. We’ll determine the best defense for your situation and work to reduce or eliminate the current charges.

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Domestic violence attorney in Birmingham, AL

John C. Robbins, Attorney at Law has represented clients on both sides of domestic violence charges. He can help you with domestic violence cases of all types, including:

• Stalking
• Divorce
• Assault on a female
• Assault on a child
• Protection order violations, and more

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